What is TBC2:

TBC2 is a cryptocurrency deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies created/deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain are referred to as ERC20 Tokens.

Why did we make an ERC20 Token and not a Standalone Cryptocurrency?

We decided to deploy our cryptocurrency as an ERC20 Token so that users of the token can be assured of complete decentralization and transparency.

By deploying on the Ethereum Network we can utilize third party wallets and block chain explorers, which are outside of our control and our development. We also remove any requirement for TBC2 to maintain its own wallet code, apps and nodes, which mean that users of TBC2 can use, hold and trade TBC2 safe in the knowledge that the work carried out by the Ethereum Foundation will directly support and effect all ERC20 tokens deployed on the Ethereum Network.

TBC2 Specifications:

Contract Address 0xfaccd5fc83c3e4c3c1ac1ef35d15adf06bcf209c

You can search for the contract address on the Ethereum Blockchain Explorers; Ethplorer or Etherscan (links are on the home page, or even search directly on Google.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion tokens)

900 million TBC2 coins are being sold in our “Distribution Phase” at the cost of just 2 cents per coin. The “Distribution Phase” consists of 9 rounds with 100 million coins in each round, each round is subject to a bonus on purchases. For full information please see the “Purchase Page

100 million TBC2 not being sold in the Distribution Phase have been set aside for specific uses. On our news page you can find “Our Wallets” which specifies what these coins are set aside for, but include promoter/affiliate commissions, funding for promotion, competition, exchange listing and bounties/rewards for work, as well as charity aid and disaster relief aid.

Fast Transactions: The Ethereum Network is one of the largest on the planet and as such the transactions are usually super fast. Transactions usually confirm within 60 seconds and sometimes within 30 seconds and at a fraction of the cost of Bitcoin transactions.

What is TBC2 for? Why did we make TBC2?

TBC2 was created out of necessity.

The original TBC (which we refer to as TBC1) is a centralized program being flaunted as a cryptocurrency and although TBC1 seemingly started off with good intention it has been perverted by the administration who controls it. TBC1 has been turned into a Pyramid Scheme by a greedy and evil admin who is only there to line his own pockets and the pockets of the top Elite within the system he has created.

TBC1 wallets broke down in May 2017 (now 7+ months) and admin has broken promise after promise of them being repaired.

Admin decided to freeze all TBC wallets and charge an admin fee of $10 per member who would like to have access to their wallet and the coins contained within (no pay, no wallet, no coins). As well as this wallet fee, admin requires each member to recruit a further 100 members “under” them and added the requirement to “buy $100 of TBC from an upline” before unlocking user wallets. There are now over 2 million registered members and admin has only unlocked 11 users wallets despite reports from many who have paid their $10 wallet fee, recruited 100 new people AND purchased $100 of TBC from an upline.

Good People are blindly following a bad and Evil person in TBC1 Admin. We want to save people from losing more money and time. We made TBC2 to be the life raft standing by for when the TBC1 ship eventually sinks.

For our full explanation on why we made TBC2 and our view on what is currently happening with TBC please click here.

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