September 18, 2018

New TBC2 Coin Video

TBC2 Coin Animated Explainer Video   We have just published our new TBC2 Coin animated explainer video on Youtube – Take a look and see what you think! Share this video with your friends, and send them your referral link. This is the new video people will see when they […]
September 6, 2018

September Newsletter

Round 2 Ending Soon. With fewer than 20% of the coins remaining in the current round, we expect round 3 to start soon. If you have not purchased your coins yet now is the time to do so as the bonus on purchases will reduce from 400% to 233% in the […]
August 21, 2018

TBC2 Coin News Letter – August

TBC2 Coin Video Our new video is ready! It took a little longer in editing than we thought it would but we think you will agree, the results are worth the wait! Click here to see for yourself: We have replaced the landing-page video with this new one, so now affiliates can […]
August 2, 2018

Purchase Page – A change in wording only – Price is the same

You may have noticed we changed some of the wording on the Purchase Page. The price is the same, only the wording has changed.   When we first launched TBC2 Coin, we set the prices at Round 1 $0.002 (2/10 of a cent) Round 2 $0.004 and so on and […]
July 23, 2018

Photo Competition Extended for 7 extra days

As per the title, our Woobox public-vote photo comp has been extended for 7 extra days. Some of you may already be aware, we had some problems with submissions from Facebook users trying to enter the Woobox photo comp, for some reason Facebook does not allow competitions to monitor individuals […]
July 18, 2018

TBC2 White Paper now in Chinese

  We are extremely excited to announce the TBC2 White Paper is now available in Chinese! Thank you for the hard-work put in by our translator.   TBC2 White Paper V2 – Chinese
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