What is TBC2:

TBC2 Coin is a cryptocurrency deployed on the Ethereum Network.

Cryptocurrencies created and deployed on the Ethereum Network are referred to as Tokens.

The most common type of Ethereum token is ERC20 compliant. This simply refers to the basic functions of the token and the way in which the token was created.

Why the Ethereum Network?

We decided to deploy our cryptocurrency as an Ethereum Token so that users can be assured of complete decentralization and transparency.

By deploying TBC2 Coin on the Ethereum Network we can utilize existing third party applications such as wallets and blockchain explorers, which are outside of our control. User confidence is boosted further as we have no control over the info displayed in these third party applications, meaning what you see is publicly verifiable. The work carried out by the Ethereum Foundation means that all Ethereum Tokens, including TBC2 Coin, will remain up to date in terms of technology and security.

TBC2 Specifications:

Want to see our "core" wallet

Search 0xfaccd5fc83c3e4c3c1ac1ef35d15adf06bcf209c on any of the Ethereum Blockchain Explorers or even directly on Google.com

There is a set total supply of: 1,000,000,000 TBC2 Coins (1 Billion)

900 Million TBC2 coins are for sold in our “Distribution Phase” at the cost of just 2 cents per coin. The Distribution Phase consists of 9 Rounds, 100 Million TBC2 Coins for sale in each round. We offer a purchase bonus in each round. For full information please see the “Purchase Page

There are 100 Million TBC2 Coins not being sold in the Distribution Phase which have been set aside for sales commission, bounties, rewards as well as charity aid and disaster relief following completion of the ICO. For more info please see this article: “Our Wallets

What is TBC2 Coin for?

We want TBC2 Coin to become a stable and easily usable payment coin for a global community of users.

Our aim is to ensure no individual is able to manipulate the future price of TBC2 Coin. We can do this by limiting the amount of coins any one entity can purchase during the distribution phase. This should help to stabilize the fair market exchange rate of TBC2 Coin after public listing.

We originally made TBC2 Coin because we were investors in the original TBC(1) "coin" which in reality was turned into a pyramid scam by the original admins. TBC2 Coin has grown vastly since being created and we have quickly built our own community of users and will continue to work on our coins future. You can see our original article which explains in detail what lead to the creation of TBC2 Coin here.

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