TBC2 Coin Distribution will take place over 9 rounds.

100,000,000 TBC2 Coins available to purchase in each round.

Our "Anti-Manipulation" distribution model limits buyers to a maximum of 10% purchase per round, i.e. maximum 10,000,000 per buyer per round.

To order coins, please use the contact form to send us an email and one of our representatives will reply to you with information.

Note: If you do not already own a cryptocurrency that our gateway accepts, we suggest setting up an account at a major website such as Coinbase. After your account is setup and verified you will be able to purchase Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a number of other coins that our gateway currently accepts and then you will be able to complete your purchase of TBC2 Coins via our gateway. We recommend Coinbase as it is safe and secure, but there are alternatives available depending on your country and circumstances. If you need help or advice, please feel free to contact us via the contact form.

Distribution Phase;

Price is $0.02 per coin.

Each round is subject to a purchase bonus.

As each round progresses to completion, the subsequent rounds "purchase bonus" is reduced.

Below is a complete list of the purchase bonus per round:

R1: 900% Bonus SOLD OUT
R2: 400% Bonus SOLD OUT
R3: 233% Bonus SOLD OUT
R4: 150% Bonus SOLD OUT

R6: 60% Bonus SOLD OUT
R7: 33% Bonus  SOLD OUT
R8: 50% Bonus
R9: 0% Bonus



The Distribution Phases consists of 900 Million TBC2 Coins.
This leaves 10% of the total supply in the developers control.
The remaining 10% has the following allocation:

45 million TBC2 to pay affiliate and promoter commissions.

30 million TBC2 to pay for promotions, exchange listings, competitions, bounties and miscellaneous items (some additional funds will likely need to be moved to pay additional commissions for affiliates).

25 million TBC2 set aside for Charity and Disaster Relief.

For a more detailed breakdown you can read "Our Wallets" post here: http://tbc2coin.com/our-wallets

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