April Newsletter

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April Newsletter


We are quickly approaching the halfway mark of round three of the ICO and today we saw an influx in volume in the cryptocurrency markets. Many people are suggesting that the Bull-Market might be making a comeback, exciting times ahead for 2019 in the cryptocurrency space and for TBC2 Coin.


Over the last couple of years we have seen cryptocurrencies become more and more popular. In 2017/2018 mainstream media was talking about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies daily on regular news channels, not just financial-market shows.


As cryptocurrency starts to become more mainstream, we see new payment processors start up that allow users to spend their cryptocurrencies in store and online as native cryptocurrency (i.e. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and others without having to convert them to FIAT first) through apps and payment displays in store. We have also seen many new “crypto-backed” debit cards and companies that allow people to spend their cryptocurrency as easily as using a bank account debit card.


Mass adoption of cryptocurrency is great, it is what is needed to make cryptocurrencies a viable alternative to cash, as the entire world seems to be moving towards a “cashless society”. Business owners are already subjected to high fees charged by payment processors, as well as chargebacks and fraud associated with debit and credit cards. What will the alternative options be if we enter a cashless society?


Cryptocurrency offers a good alternative to the current norm. Businesses accepting cryptocurrency benefit from lower payment processing fees and remove the possibility of fraudulent charge-backs. Accepting cryptocurrency as payment is as easy as installing an app on a smartphone and can easily be integrated alongside your existing payment options.


We are taking an exciting step for the TBC2 Coin project which we are calling the TBC2 Coin Business Initiative.


In brief, the TBC2 Coin Business Initiative is a list of businesses who are pledged to accept TBC2 Coin as a payment option AFTER the ICO has come to completion and after TBC2 Coin is listed on public exchange(s) and/or listed with cryptocurrency payment processors.

The list of businesses pledged to accept TBC2 Coin will appear on the TBC2 Coin website and social media accounts, as well as in our TBC2 Coin Newsletters.

All businesses are welcome, regardless of the size or nature of your business. You might be a “one-person” business who drop-ships items online, a real estate agent selling luxury homes in Spain or even a kid with a lemonade stand. By signing your business up for the initiative you will help to increase exposure to the TBC2 Coin project at the ground-level, and we will help you by advertising your company on our website and social media.


Joining the TBC2 Coin Business Initiative is Completely FREE. There are no Joining or Membership fees and never will be.


To learn more about The TBC2 Coin Business Initiative, Click Here


Interested in Accepting TBC2 Coin as Payment Before the ICO ends? Click Here to Learn More




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