March Newsletter

March Newsletter

Is it Altcoin-season again?

The markets seem to be looking up with a steady increase in Bitcoin and some altcoins over the last week or two. With TBC2 Coin ICO still ongoing, now is the time to get positioned before the bull-markets are in full swing.

We have been working closely with a small number of individual groups and affiliates to continue to spread the good word about TBC2 Coin and the potential of joining this new community early on.

Our recent works have involved a large number of new community members placing small but regular purchase orders to accumulate TBC2 Coin to completion of the ICO and going onto a Public Crypto Exchange.

Like many of us, we like to think of the future and put away money into savings accounts and pensions for our family and our loved ones. Unfortunately with interest rates so low the money we save decreases in value over time, which is why people are beginning to diversify into cryptocurrency.

The ability to save small amounts on a regular basis is far more achievable for most working people than trying to find a large lump sum to take the opportunity of this growing community cryptocurrency in its infancy.

These growing numbers and groups increase the pace of the remaining rounds of the ICO going to market. Don’t miss out, if you want to know more please visit the website or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.



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