May Newsletter

We would like to start our May Newsletter with a BIG THANK YOU!

In April we introduced the TBC2 Coin Business Initiative, with a call-to-arms for business owners to sign up.

We have had several business owners make contact since April and we are proud to announce that a variety of different businesses around the world have pledged to accept TBC2 Coin as a payment option after TBC2 Coin ICO has completed. Businesses who have pledged their support range from Financial Services to Local Restaurants and Personal Trainers as well as Specialist Independent Teachers, Fashion Designers and even a local Dentist in Spain!

The FIRST business that made contact and signed up to the Business Initiative was the Harvest Time Group (HTG). Founded by husband and wife Carlton and Kerry Dasher, “HTG” specialise in money management, offering a wide range of services including Asset Protection, Corporate Credit Building and “Debt Free Financial Workshops” as well as other services.

Harvest Time Group has not only pledged to accept TBC2 Coin after the ICO has completed but in fact are accepting TBC2 Coin as part-payment for their services now even before the ICO has completed. To discuss options, please visit the HTG website using the link above and make contact directly.

To see a FULL list of the businesses who have already pledged to accept TBC2 Coin after the ICO has completed, please visit the new “Businesses” page on our main website;

Round 3 is already over 60% sold-out and we expect the rest of round 3 to go quickly as there appears to be more money flowing back into cryptocurrency lately, as can be seen with the large up-swing in the price of Bitcoin and other dollar-measured cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum.

Not only is round 3 edging towards completion, but in fact over a 1/4 of the total supply of TBC2 Coins (more than 250,000,000 coins) have been bought “fairly” by the general public!

As many of you know, more than ANYTHING we want TBC2 Coin to be a fair coin for all users, which is why we refuse to allow any one person or entity to purchase more than a “fair share” of the total supply. This has meant that the ICO has been a lot slower than we wanted, but it also means that the coin will have a much more stable user base after the ICO has completed as there will be zero room for manipulation of the markets as no one will hold a large enough share to effect prices on an individual basis.

We would like to thank everyone involved for their continued support and patience while the ICO is ongoing and ask that you speak with your loved ones, your friends and your colleagues and introduce them to TBC2 Coin, a truly fairly distributed cryptocurrency.

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