October Newsletter

TBC2 Coin October Newsletter
Fewer than 6% of the coins remain in Round 2.
We have been busy with meetings and group calls the last week or two and we now expect Round 2 to come to a close next week.
We have been working hard throughout September and are please to say we have migrated the site to www.TBC2coin.com with no downtime or interruption to our visitors or affiliates.

The old tbc2coin.com domain now automatically forwards visitors to the new TBC2coin.com seamlessly.

We are waiting for our new SSL to be activated so visitors know they are in the right place. The new SSL should be active any time now.

Affiliates rest assured, we have run extensive tests throughout the month of September and beginning of October!

Anyone using and old-style (tbc2coin.com) affiliate link will automatically be redirected to the new TBC2coin.com site using your existing referral links. So if you want to continue using your old tbc2coin.com affiliate link, you can! If you would like to change to tbc2coin.com please see below info.

Whether a user clicks on an old or new affiliate link, they will still arrive to the same place and be placed in the affiliate system under their referrer and any purchase commission will still be credited to the referrer.

If you have an old-style (erc20.club) link and want to use the new style (tbc2coin.com), simple replace “tbc2coin.com” in your affiliate link with “tbc2coin.com”.

Old:   tbc2coin.com/landing/ref/###
New:  tbc2coin.com/landing/ref/###

If you need help or clarification on this, please feel free to email us using the contact page.

Our new professionally made, animated explainer video was published on our website and Youtube channel recently.

We have also replaced the landing-page video with the new animated one. We would love to hear your feedback on the video and any ideas you might have.

If you have not seen the video, please click over to Youtube and take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj3hP5SKxsI

Remember to subscribe to our channel when you are there!

Due to our heavy work-load in September with moving and testing the website, we have not had time to arrange an October competition, however, with Halloween looming, how about a good old Halloween Costume Competition?!

To enter, simply post a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume to our Facebook PageTwitter or Instagram! Hash Tag your photo with #tbc2coinHalloween (so that we can find them!)

The TBC2 Coin Team will choose the one(s) we like the best and reward the winners based on their creativeness and the uniqueness of the costume(s)! We will pick our favorites in the first or second week of November so that everyone has time to post pictures of themselves trick or treating or partying with friends and loved ones.

Extra points for anyone who goes the extra mile and has the TBC2 Coin Logo incorporated into their costume or painted on a part of their body! and remember, unique is key, we don’t want to see 100 Ghosts or Vampires here, unless they are REALLY SCARY (or cute!)

Due to the lack of a “real” competition in October – We DO plan to hold a big competition draw in November.

Details will appear on our News Page later this month, and a Newsletter will be sent out to our subscribers at the same time. This will be a simply “Enter to win” competition with several ways to enter!

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