This Blog Post is simply for transparency to our community;


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 TBC2 tokens (1 Billion)


ERC20 Compliant (ERC20 is the name given to tokens created on the Ethereum Network)


Total supply has been pre-mined. We are selling 900,000,000 (900 million) TBC2 in what we are calling the “distribution phase”.

The “Distribution Phase” consists of 9 separate rounds, there are 100 million tokens being sold in each round.

After each round of distribution is complete the price will increase for the next round.


Round 1 price = $0.002 per TBC2

Round 2 price = $0.004 per TBC2

Round 3 price = $0.006 per TBC2

Round 4 price = $0.008 per TBC2

Round 5 price = $0.01 per TBC2

Round 6 price = $0.0125 per TBC2

Round 7 price = $0.015 per TBC2

Round 8 price = $0.0175 per TBC2

Round 9 price = $0.02 per TBC2


To put the above into perspective, $10 in round 9 will purchase 500 TBC2. $10 in round 1 will purchase 5000 TBC2.



100 Million TBC2 tokens are NOT being sold.

We have set aside 100 million tokens for other uses. We have split the 100 million tokens into several wallets and we detail in full below what each wallet is to be used for. You can check each individual wallet balance and transactions on the THIRD PARTY Ethereum Blockchain Explorer:



Our MAIN wallet: https://ethplorer.io/address/0x0038b501a0ed4d411247d90d159da327588790a5

This wallet originally contained all 1 Billion tokens (it was the creation wallet).

100 million were removed and split into smaller wallets (details below).

The remaining tokens in this wallet are the tokens that are for sale for the 9 distribution rounds.

Coins will regularly be sent out of this fund to anyone buying TBC2 through the purchasing processor on our website or promoters landing pages.



Wallet 2: https://ethplorer.io/address/0xc4a1fd04934f151c8ef6233e61a1d022282cc0ae

This wallet contains 45,000,000 (45 million) tokens which are being held to pay Promoters Commission who have opted for TBC2 commission.

Some promoters will be eligible for Bitcoin commission and any TBC2 remaining in this fund will be sold separately following round 9 distribution.

TBC2 will not be moved from this fund until after round 9 distribution phase has ended.



Wallet 3: https://ethplorer.io/address/0xc0fcabfa0ba23150ac5f74c9747a98a9a6500b63

This is our “Promotions” wallet. It originally contained 30,000,000 (30 million) tokens which are being used to pay for promotions, exchange listings, competitions and bounties.

Some payments have already been used from this fund to pay for bug-finding on our website, use of promotional and educational videos from promoters, and for bringing attention to an oversight in our payment processor which has now been resolved as well as some of the completed bounties.

Details of amounts and wallets sent to can be seen on the transaction tab on the explorer, however we will also publicly state the wallet addresses and reasons for the transactions. We will not NAME the recipients for their own privacy, although if the recipient decides to publicly announce why the received funds they are more than welcome to.

Funds will be moved from this wallet as and when we need to pay bounties and other such things, however any transactions to/from this wallet will be publicly logged.



Wallet 4: https://ethplorer.io/address/0x00b61c35dc20bec48f5413823e17d13e9c978629

This is our “Charity and Disaster Relief” wallet. This wallet contains 25 million tokens intended purely for Charity and Disaster Relief.

In recent months we have seen many natural disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes and although people are out in force to help the people affected, more money is always needed to help aid these communities and people.

We also feel strongly about animal rescue and helping the homeless, especially with winter approaching in the northern hemisphere. It is our intention that when TBC2 distribution phase has ended and the token is publicly listed on exchanges that we will run further sales campaigns to sell some of these tokens. ALL funds raised from this supply going towards our charity account where donations will be made accordingly.

No funds will be moved from this wallet until after the distribution phase has ended. At the end of round 9, this wallet will be worth approx $500,000, however we hope to see TBC2 price climb substantially after being publicly listed on an exchange, it is our genuine hope that this will may one day be worth $25 million which will go towards aiding those most in need.


All other wallets seen on the block explorer “holders” page are privately owned wallets from people who have purchase TBC2 coins.



You can monitor any of the above wallets on the Third Party blockchain (using the links above or the main coin contract link at the top).



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