Round 2 Officially Complete – Round 3 Started

Round 2 Officially Complete


After a few very slow months in the cryptocurrency markets and our ICO we can officially say that round 2 of the ICO has just completed and Round 3 has started.


Round 3 awards a 233% bonus to each purchase of TBC2 Coin and coins have already started to be sold from the current round. With the recent volume-bumps coming back to the cryptomarkets we hope to see round 3 complete quicker than rounds 1 and 2 did.


It is the duty of all TBC2 Coin holders to spread the word about TBC2 Coin and our growing community of members. We have not employed any mass-marketing or changes in our marketing strategy, and as a result our growth has been completely natural with peer to peer sharing and introductions.

Our success with this ICO and the coins market future depends on all of our members now. Share our videos and your affiliate links with your friends, family, work and school colleagues, the sooner the ICO completes the sooner we can be listed on open market exchanges and then the fun really begins as we see our market strength grow and in turn hopefully the marketcap of the coin.


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