Why did we make TBC2?

We made TBC2 to disrupt the original TBC, we have already said this several times, but let us explain WHY.


We made TBC2 because we can see the direction that TBC Admin is taking the coin and the community and we do not think things are going to end well.


We have seen several people say that we do not understand TBC, or that we do not believe in TBC. We want to set this straight.

Most of our team have been part of the TBC community since early 2016, we own over 30,000 TBC as a group, some of our team are administrators and moderators for TBC Facebook groups, we have conducted business with other members and used TBC as payment method (buying and selling in Part/Full TBC), so we most certainly do understand the ethos behind TBC and we believed in TBC as a currency.

Our development team consists of members from around the world. We still own TBC but like you and everyone else we cannot use our TBC due to frozen wallets/buttons. Even before the frozen buttons the system was broken with transactions not sending or receiving (we know, you are going to say but Admin is fixing it, please read below and see the truth of the matter).


We understand TBC, we believe in TBC, our problem is with TBC Admin, and this is why!

As investors and more so, as Crypto-techs and DEVELOPERS, we offered our help FOR FREE to TBC Admin to fix the broken wallet system in MAY 2017 but we were rejected.

This is when we started to have our doubts about TBC Admin. Why would Admin reject offers of help to fix a broken system? Why would he not want to fix it? Then a month later in June we saw a Blog Post referencing the broken wallets and the possible solution of charging wallet fees so that Admin could hire a developer to repair the broken system.


We spent the next couple of months keeping a close eye on what TBC Admin was saying in blog posts and what the “high-ups” were saying in their Youtube and Facebook videos and live calls, talking about broken daemons (servers) numbers of servers, overhead costs etc, and we began to worry more because as developers ourselves we know most of the costs and terms being used were either wrong or out of context!

In August we started to talk about making a decentralised version of TBC where there could be no central authority who could charge fees for accessing wallets, and where transactions send and receive without issues.

TBC has been turned into a Pyramid Scheme. You now have to pay a membership fee to Admin (they are calling it a wallet fee, but its the same thing) and you can only get your wallet unlocked if you are a “Trusted Seller” by referring 100 more people or you buying TBC from an Up-line! We’ve seen prominent people in the TBC community offering a service to recruit referrals for you, but we all know most of those members will be fake and having more members (fake or not) will simply falsely increase the price of TBC!

We now also see Admin has unlocked their “top 10” people so that you as a user can buy TBC from them in order to become a trusted seller yourself. This is the very definition of a Pyramid Scheme and we fear that this was Admins plan all along, or at least since the wallet system was moved to TBC004 wallets (since it could not have been done on the original Web-Wallet system).


There are so many red-flags right now with TBC, and we understand why people are defending it, because they have spent money to join, they have brought in others to join too and most of all they are pinning their hopes and dreams on TBC working out, but just like all Pyramid Schemes, this will eventually implode and everyone will lose apart from those are the very top of the pyramid (those 10+admin with active/working wallets).


We made TBC2 because we were disgusted with the direction that Admin was taking the community and the coin and every day that we see the wallets remain broken and the Pyramid Scheme continue to be pushed by all of those at the top the more disgusted we become.

GOOD PEOPLE are following a BAD Leader, and doing so blindly and without thinking for themselves, please think for yourselves, open your eyes and see what Admin is doing to the community.


You do not have to choose to have only TBC or TBC2, you can own and believe in TBC and still own and use TBC2, we made TBC2 so that people in TBC have an option to use another coin and still be part of the same community. We made TBC2 to save people from losing money, we cannot make anyone join, the decision has to be your own, we have offered our hand, it is up to you to take it and save yourselves.

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