Accepting TBC2 Coin as Payment

Interested in Accepting TBC2 Coin as Payment?


If you want to accept TBC2 Coin as payment AFTER the ICO completes, please join our Business Initiative


Interested In accepting TBC2 Coin BEFORE the ICO Ends? You Can!

If you are interested in accepting TBC2 Coin before the ICO ends, you are able to.

As there is no public exchange price on an open and free market, you would need to agree an amount of TBC2 Coins to be paid for goods and/or services with each customer (or what might be easier would be to set your prices for your goods/services at a pre-determined TBC2 amount that you are happy with).


There are certain aspects that you should consider when accepting TBC2 Coin as payment before the ICO ends:

The ICO price of TBC2 Coin is 2 cents, but with the “Round Bonus” being applied to all purchases early adopters are given additional bonus coins.

Right now, $100 (in Round 3), with the “Round 3 Purchase Bonus” gets you 16,667 TBC2 Coins.

If you want to accept TBC2 Coin as payment, you should view this as if you were being paid in Fiat for your goods and/or services and then using that entire amount to purchase TBC2 Coins.



$100 right now purchases 16,667 TBC2 Coins in the ICO Round 3, therefore you could value 16,667 TBC2 Coins as $100. This is something you would need to agree this on a customer-by-customer basis.

If you decide you want 20,000 TBC2 Coins (which would cost $120 right now) for $100 worth of goods or services and your customer agrees then that would be between you and your customer. After all, if your customer offers you a box of chocolates or a car tire for your goods or services it is your prerogative to either accept or reject that particular offer of payment.


We recommend imToken Wallet for Android and iOS as this is a very easy to use wallet and you could potentially use it as a “point of sale” device in store/in person with customers, who could scan your address with their phone wallet.


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us using the website contact form found at



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