TBC2 Coin Business Initiative

The TBC2 Coin Business Initiative


If you have a business, we want you to join the TBC2 Coin Business Initiative. It is completely free and we will NEVER charge any kind of membership or joining fees.

In addition to being a free member, your business can be listed on our Website, Social Media and in our Newsletters, which means free advertising for your business.


Q: What is the Initiative?

A: The Initiative is a statement from you, the business owner, simply saying that you will accept TBC2 Coin as payment for goods and/or services after the ICO has completed and TBC2 Coin is on a public cryptocurrency exchange and/or cryptocurrency payment processing platform.


Q: What do we mean when we say TBC2 Coin is on a public cryptocurrency exchange?

A: What we are saying is that when TBC2 Coin is on a public cryptocurrency exchange, paired with other cryptocurrencies and Fiat (Dollars/GBP/Euro etc), where users of TBC2 Coin can go to buy and sell TBC2 Coins.


Q: I have a small business, is it worth joining?

A: Yes, in fact small businesses can benefit even more. A number of businesses do not currently accept debit or credit card payments due to the costs involved in processing transactions. By accepting cryptocurrencies you can have an APP on your smart device or computer and customer can scan a bar code or send payment to your unique user-address (wallet). This would open up your business up to an entirely new customer base.


Q: As a business owner joining the Initiative, would I need to trade the TBC2 Coins I accept as payment for goods and/or services on an exchange?

A: NO. Our intention is after the ICO ends and TBC2 Coin is listed on a public trading exchange, we will seek listing with a payment processor or an exchange that allows “merchant accounts”. Businesses would then be able to accept TBC2 Coin payments and have them automatically converted into the currency of their choice.



So there you go! The TBC2 Coin Business Initiative.

  1. Free to Join.
  2. Free for Life.
  3. No Contracts.
  4. Reducing Your Payment Processing Costs.
  5. Free Advertising – Potentially Opening Your Business to New Customers.


The Initiative will start soon after the ICO ends and TBC2 Coin is listed on public trading exchanges.

The TBC2 Coin Developers will provide support and assistance to all businesses in setting up their accounts to be able to accept TBC2 Coin as payment.



There is no limit to the number of businesses who can join, but as a bonus we are giving the FIRST 25 businesses who sign up to the TBC2 Coin Business Initiative $100 worth of TBC2 Coins.


To join, simply use the website contact form to email us https://tbc2coin.com/contact/

You must include the following information so that we can create your company page on our listings;


  1. Your Name: Full Name
  2. Your E-mail: Your Business Email Address
  3. Subject: TBC2 Coin Business Initiative
  4. Message:
  5. Your Business / Company Name
  6. Your Business / Company Phone Number
  7. Your Public Trading Address
  8. Your Registered Business Number
  9. Link to your Business Website
  10. Link to your Business Social Media accounts (if you have any)


After we have received your email, we will contact you to confirm your listing.

We will start to list businesses on our website as soon as people start to sign up, which means anyone signing up will benefit from the free advertising aspect of the Initiative even before the ICO ends.


If you are interested in accepting TBC2 Coin BEFORE the ICO is complete, click here to learn more



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